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    Thirsting for Grace, Not a Drink

    Alcohol Addiction Recovery—Thirsting for Grace Not a Drink

    Author: Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center Editor

    If you have recently completed alcohol rehab, congratulations! We know that with God’s guidance you have gone through multiple steps to get to where you are. It hasn’t been easy and it’s required motivation, determination, and a great deal of reflection. Now that you are in recovery, you should stay focused and decrease your chances of relapse.

    Preventing Alcohol Relapse

    Here are some helpful ways to stay successful:

    Surround yourself with the right people. The people you surround yourself with matters. If you go right back to your old crowd after alcohol rehab, chances are they will still be drinking and/or using drugs. Unfortunately, it is a lot easier for those people to pull you down than it is for you to build yourself up. In early recovery, preferably even when you are in rehab, you need to take an honest inventory of the people in your life and realize who is a true friend versus who is just a drinking buddy. Knowing this difference will help to protect you from bad influences.

    Beware of temptation.  It is important to remind yourself that you are in recovery. If you are invited to a party, get together, or any event where alcohol will be present, it may not be the best idea to go or it may be a good idea to bring a sober friend who can help you. Temptation and triggers happen, so knowing what your limits are can help you from getting into a bad situation.

    Take one day at a time.  It’s taken you some time to get to where you are in recovery. It most likely didn’t occur overnight. So, be easy on yourself. Take one day at a time. Each day will be different and may test your will. Remember that addiction is a disease—it has nothing to do with you as a person and since it’s a disease, it will need to be monitored to make sure you don’t relapse. As time passes, you may find that cravings decrease and you’ll fill your time with other positive activities.

    Stay Close to Christ. Take the time to thank God and pray for continued strength and guidance. Sobriety is hard and you are not alone in this journey. In John 15:4, Jesus reminds us: “Remain in me as I remain in you…Whoever remains in me will bear much fruit.” Our Lord will give you what you need as long as you remain close to him.

    Focus on your health. It’s important to remember to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Go for walks, attend church services, eat balanced meals, and rest well. Stay focused on your health and overall well-being. The stronger you are in these areas, the stronger your will to not drink alcohol.

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