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Christ-Centered Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it is important to focus on healing all aspects of yourself—mind, body and spirit. Addiction causes self-destructive and self-defeating behavior. It tears apart relationships with those we love, destroys livelihoods and deprives us of our full potential as human beings. At AARC, our Christ-centered approach to recovery in our drug treatment programs and alcohol treatment programs deepens and strengthens your relationship with God by incorporating Christ’s teachings and worship into daily life and your Christian treatment program

How Christ-Centered Recovery Helps Those Struggling with Addiction

It is through prayer, worship, faith and a meaningful connection with God that He offers you love, strength and the resilience to overcome challenges, freeing you from the hold that addiction has had over your life. You may feel that your addiction has robbed you of your connection and relationship with a higher power. You may also be feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt, not knowing how to find your way back to Him. But it’s important to understand that God is always there for you and will never turn His back on you—no matter how far you have strayed—He will never abandon you. In turning your worries and struggles over to Him, you gain a deeper understanding and awareness of how to take responsibility for your actions and forge a new, healthy and productive path. He will inspire you to make better life choices moving ahead, while accepting that you cannot change the past.

Our Christ-centered recovery program helps individuals undergo an inner transformation. We rely on recovery principles drawn from Jesus’s message in the Eight Beatitudes shared in the Sermon on the Mount, including mercy, humility, charity and love. God does not put obstacles in our path that we cannot handle. A Christ-centered approach means that Jesus Christ will guide your recovery every step of the way, setting the tone for every phase of your treatment and for your new life in health and sobriety.

Our Christ-centered recovery approach is integrated into treatment through:

Prayer/Meditation – The power of prayer is central to our relationship with God and Jesus and it is where those in recovery can turn for guidance, help, and thanksgiving. Each day during our Christ-centered recovery begins with prayer and meditation, a sacred and serene time for reflection, for listening to God’s guidance, and for sharing hopes, dreams, struggles and intentions.

Worship – Once a week, time is set aside for worship – to connect with God, surrender our lives to his will, and celebrate what He has done for each of us. It is through worship and a strong Christian support network that allows those in recovery to stay on the path of healing and foster a fulfilling life in sobriety. During worship, a mix of both contemporary and traditional music is enjoyed.

Fellowship – In recovery centered around Christ, it’s important to accept help and build lasting bonds with those who have walked a similar path. Having a group of trusted, welcoming peers is an important source of this support. For many in recovery, isolation and loneliness may have been a contributing factor to their addiction in the past. Our fellowship program cultivates meaningful relationships and offers emotional support. As sobriety becomes more established, true healing comes from giving back – offering friendship, service and encouragement to others.

Biblical Interpretation – The 12-step program is designed to bring individuals together to support each other in maintaining abstinence from the substances they have been addicted to. And with each of the 12-steps during Christ-centered recovery, a corresponding principal from Scripture is applied. By merging the 12-steps with Biblical teachings, patients learn the ways in which Biblical principles underlie their recovery.

Scripture Study – Bible study allows us to know God better, to hear God’s word, and helps us in facing life’s challenges and learning how to help others through difficult circumstances. It is through God’s word that He provides us with the solutions and guidance to overcome all of our obstacles. By incorporating daily scripture study and reflection on 12-step devotions you will feel inspired and empowered to stay committed to a new life in recovery.


Detox is an opportunity to rid the body of toxic substances caused by a drug and/or alcohol addiction that are unnatural and harmful. It is a chance to start over and transform your life, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. At AARC, we offer ambulatory/outpatient detox services, where many patients can safely detox outside of a hospital setting with the comfort of knowing that AARC addiction specialists will be overseeing care and providing support.

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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

AARC’s Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment Program (PHP) offers a highly structured, full-day substance abuse treatment program that allows adults recovering from drug and alcohol addiction to focus solely on their recovery. PHP is appropriate for those who do not need 24-hour management and care, but still require close monitoring and an intensive treatment program. In PHP, individuals benefit from a variety of services and therapies including medication management, individual counseling, group therapy, worship group, scripture study and a variety of holistic approaches.

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

AARC’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a comprehensive treatment program that builds upon skills learned from previous drug and alcohol addiction programs while introducing new concepts to further the recovery process. Less intensive than PHP, IOP allows individuals to transition smoothly back into daily routines and the flexibility to continue living at home, attend school and work in the community, all while staying committed to recovery. Convenient day and evening classes are available to accommodate home and personal responsibilities.

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Outpatient Services

Once Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment Program (PHP) or an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) has been completed, recovery work does not end there. As new skills are put to the test and you transition back into your daily routine, you will benefit from continued support and a close relationship with your recovery team. AARC offers a variety of outpatient services that provide all of the resources, tools and support necessary to maintain sobriety and create the happy and healthy life you deserve.

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Philippians 4:19

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the
riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

EMDR Therapy

Suffering a traumatic event can play a huge role in why individuals choose to self-medicate and form addictions. Mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, panic disorder and phobias often co-occur with addiction. These disorders were thought to take years to treat with intensive, long-term psychotherapy—until now. AARC offers an exciting breakthrough therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) that is bringing rapid results and immediate relief to patients, sometimes with just a few sessions.

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Relapse Prevention

Recovery is a lifelong journey. Along with the many milestones and triumphs you will experience, there can also be setbacks. Recognizing the signs of relapse combined with a solid relapse prevention plan empowers you with the tools you need to stay on your recovery path after initial addiction treatment has ended. From the beginning of your journey in detox, all the way through outpatient care—AARC recovery programs incorporate relapse prevention into every aspect of your treatment to ensure a lasting recovery.

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Family Program

Addiction doesn’t just harm the person afflicted—it is a family disease that impacts spouses, children, parents and friends. Addiction breaks the bonds of trust, depletes finances, creates feelings of shame and isolation and destroys loving relationships. AARC’s Family Recovery Center offers ways to heal, move forward and release the devastating hold that addiction has over families’ lives. We provide comprehensive services, resources and support that restores relationships and brings hope to those dealing with their loved one’s addiction.

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