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Drug and Alcohol
Detox in Atlanta

The Road to Recovery Begins Here

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Atlanta

Detox is an important step in the recovery journey. The process of detox rids the body of drugs and alcohol. When an individual is free from these substances, physical, mental and spiritual healing can truly begin.

Many people equate detox with addiction treatment. But it’s important to understand that removing alcohol and drugs from the body is only a first step in treatment. Detox is the process that prepares you for addiction treatment. We offer one of the safest, most effective detox treatment programs in the Atlanta area.

Recovering from a drug or alcohol problem takes time. This first crucial step in your recovery will ready you for the next chapter. Because AARC’s alcohol and drug rehab program is rooted in the Christian faith, we view detox as an opportunity to begin the journey of healing and restoration. Getting sober allows individuals to return to clear thinking, and offers the chance to experience God’s unending love and acceptance.

Overcoming Fear About Giving Up Drugs and Alcohol

It’s normal for individuals to feel a sense of fear or anxiety about giving up the substances they have become dependent on. Our compassionate drug and alcohol detox clinical team are well trained to assist individuals through those crucial early days of recovery, safely and comfortably. AARC’s multidisciplinary team of licensed and credentialed therapists, counselors and nurses provide patients with emotional and psychological support. AARC also offers holistic programs to ease anxiety and stress, and promote relaxation, during those early days of recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

It takes courage to face your drug and/ or alcohol dependence and take those first steps on the road to recovery. At AARC, you can take comfort in knowing that you do not have to walk this path alone. Our friendly and compassionate team of addiction experts will guide you through the detoxification process. We take into account your personal medical history and assess for any co-occurring disorders such as depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You will have access to a highly skilled team of physicians, nurses and clinical specialists who will ensure your safety, help to relieve any withdrawal symptoms and decrease your anxiety. You will complete the process feeling mentally and physically stronger, and ready to begin the therapeutic work necessary to further your progress. As you rid your body of toxins, you will begin to feel healthier, clearer and prepared for the next chapter of your recovery.

Ambulatory/Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox in Atlanta

Many patients can safely detox outside of a hospital or residential environment, known as ambulatory detox. Conducted on an outpatient basis, ambulatory detox allows patients to return to the comfort of their own home or the home of a supportive friend or family member in the evenings, while feeling secure in knowing that Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center staff is available to provide support.

Ambulatory detox can be less disruptive to families and more cost-effective than residential detox. Suitability for ambulatory detox is determined after a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Seikel and our clinical team. If we have concerns about ambulatory detox due to a patient’s co-occurring health conditions or the nature of the alcohol or drug use, we can arrange inpatient treatment. After detox is completed, patients continue on with our Atlanta Christian recovery programs for the remainder of treatment.

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