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    Intensive Outpatient
    Program in Atlanta

    Strengthening Skills and Preparing for the Future

    Atlanta Intensive Outpatient Program

    Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in the Atlanta area is ideal for those who have successfully completed Atlanta Addiction Recovery Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program and wish to have continued support in developing the skills needed for a lifetime of sobriety. Our Atlanta Intensive Outpatient Program may also be appropriate as a starting point for care.

    With decades of research backing up the Intensive Outpatient Program model, our program provides encouragement, love and counsel for those making progress with their treatment goals and commitment to recovery.

    Patients typically participate in treatment three hours a day. Depending on an individual’s treatment needs, patients are in our Atlanta IOP five days a week for three to four weeks, and then step down to three days a week. This smooth transition allows patients to practice their recovery skills while reintegrating into the structure of work, school or volunteer work during the time they’re not in treatment.

    Both day and evening hours are available at our Atlanta IOP, a flexibility that many of our patients with family, school and work responsibilities appreciate.

    Atlanta Addiction Recovery
    Outpatient Program includes:

    • Comprehensive evaluation, including medical, addiction and psychiatric history.
    • Individualized treatment planning.
    • Daily group therapy to get past lingering denial, to learn new ways of interacting with others, to get more comfortable with expressing emotions and to build a network of like-minded peers to support recovery.
    • Assistance with medication management from our registered nurse.
    • Family therapy sessions to begin to repair damaged relationships and to provide the support that family members need to heal.
    • Multifamily group therapy, bringing together other families to share experiences, perspectives and fellowship.
    • Recreation therapy to learn new ways of enjoying free time that don’t involve substance use.
    • Exercise and yoga for stress relief and to restore physical well-being.
    • Random urine drug screens.
    • Nutrition counseling to correct nutritional deficiencies that may have occurred due to long-term drug and alcohol abuse.
    • Optional faith-based activities, such as prayer, meditation or worship, for those who wish to incorporate spiritual guidance into addiction rehab.

    How Our Atlanta Intensive Outpatient Program Helps Those in Recovery

    In IOP, patients continue to make progress and celebrate important recovery milestones. If an individual has come from a Partial Hospitalization Program, he or she will continue to build on the skills they’ve learned while acquiring new ones to help further their recovery, including:

    • Continue to develop ways to recognize and cope with triggers by learning relapse prevention strategies.
    • Build meaningful relationships and connect with peers who are seeking a sober path through fellowship groups and mutual aid groups such as 12-step recovery meetings.
    • Learn to express emotions in a safe space.
    • Discover strategies to reduce stress and anxiety to cope with the pressures and responsibilities of daily life while maintaining sobriety.
    • Receive help with successfully managing co-occurring disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
    • Develop and integrate healthy lifestyle choices into their daily routine such as exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep.

    Structured Living Available

    A community of sober peers offers a sense of connection and accountability. We partner with local structured living facilities to provide a safe and supportive place to live during treatment and when transitioning out of treatment. Structured Living aids in recovery by helping individuals maintain a regular sleep and meal schedule, providing opportunities to practice skills learned in treatment in the real world, and developing friendships with sober peers.

    Personal and Spiritual Growth

    During IOP in Atlanta, recovery deepens and strengthens. The brain and body heals, leading to a stabilization of mood and a restoration of overall physical health.

    In individual and group therapy, patients gain insight into their drug and alcohol use history. Families can see the progress being made, and interactions improve.

    Patients also check in daily with their sponsor and begin to work toward getting back to a normal, balanced schedule – including maintaining a healthy sleep and meal schedule, actively looking for a job, returning to work or doing volunteer work in the community.

    Patients continue to work through difficult emotions, learn coping skills for dealing with grief, anger, trauma and anxiety, and continue to overcome the interpersonal, situational and psychological barriers to recovery. The focus is on truth, respect for oneself and others, and accountability.

    Patients continue to work the 12-steps and build on RecoveryMind™ training, which alters how an individual understands their illness and provides a series of steps to teach how to correct the damage produced by months, years or decades of addictive thinking and behavior.

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